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Shogi is an ancient Japanese game: Simular to western chess, but powered with piece drop feature. Modern Shogi is 3D shogi app with a large amount of room for improvement.


  • Artifical Intelligence - (YaneuraOu) with Elmo evaluation book(very strong)
  • Smooth and Modern UI
  • Auto-show all possible moves when you hover your mouse cursor over piece
  • Tracking threats and protections on tiles
  • Auto-move in one-click if piece has only one move
  • Auto-promotion for some pieces
  • Checks announcing and move commentary
  • Try-rule and 28-piece rule for impasse(not yet implemented)
  • Various handicaps
  • Lots of piece, UI and board themes
  • 6 customizable UI themes inspired by buddhism religion
  • View recorded games in KIF format from 81Dojo
  • Save your replay and view later in the new MKIF format
  • Multiplayer
  • Its free ! And will always be free ! - is an experimental versions where I try to implement proper and modern multiplayer experience but its fully functional besides broadcasting features - game now support resolutions below 1920x1080(using underscaling)

Not all functions are available yet. Now it is under active development. I will try to improve it, because I like Shogi very much.

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  • Video adapter wtih minimum OpenGL 3.3 support


modern-shogi-win-dev.zip 596 MB
Version Dec 19, 2018

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